AlterBike traditional Models



Meet our Runner series e-bike! Chic, unique and practical with a touch of personality and distinction. Thanks to our innovative technology, the Runner series is 40% lighter without sacrificing the riding range or speed.

Color customization is available to your preference and fashion.

It is a very attractive bicycle with bright colors if desired, and combinations to suit the taste of the consumer.

As for the use, this bike is ideal for the city and long distances on flat ground, without significant climbs. You can also carry it easily in your arms to climb stairs, for example.

In short, it’s to enjoy the pleasure of the road.


Rocky Series     ROBUST

 With its powerful motor and a lightweight battery, the Rocky series is capable of a riding range of up to 60 km.  

With our high quality components, the Rocky series makes uphill and downhill challenges like riding on flat road.

The Rocky series is the typical mountain bike but with all the added value of the electric motor. A perfect blend between pedal assistance autonomy and the robustness of the Mountain Bikes.

With thick knobby wheels, front damping, strong aluminum frame, great for roads through forests, mountain walks, unpaved roads.


Easy Series   FOLDABLE

The foldable frame enables you to bring it in the subway, the bus or keep in the trunk of your car or even take it home in the elevator. You can bring it everywhere!

In accordance with AlterBikeTM s simple life and comfort concept, our Easy series provides you an easy and quick riding experience.

The step-through frame and 14" or 20” wheels make it easier to operate, with a perfect riding position and a better visual field.


Ideal for executives, students or just comfortable users who use the bicycle for short trips around the city, residential areas or between nearby towns...

Foldable bikes have become very popular as a complement to conventional bikes for its functionality and comfort.... Now imagine that is also electric... Imagine how comfortable!... Go to the office without sweating!


Daily Series    POPULAR

The Daily series is a practical yet stylish bike, perfectly for commute, shopping and family outing. The step through design is able to provide comfort first and a pleasant riding experience for both men and women of all ages.

The powerful battery enables a riding range of up to 50 km on a single charge.

As always, it’s your choice, you can choose to pedal or just simply sit back and enjoy the ride. The Daily series provides you effortless fun just like that and its robustness allows daily use for thousands of kilometers.

You can easily attach accessories like small baskets, panniers, baby seats.... It’s a very practical and useful bike....

It’s also possible to choose between light and dark colors to cover all tastes.