Our Commitment:

To be able to offer products that meet these functions, we believe that modern technology and continuous innovation are the answer.

We believe that when it comes to this kind of products, confidence in a rapid response is essential beside an efective AfterSales Service.

Moreover, following our origins from the high tech production industry in AlterPower TM, the notion of quality, efficiency and performance is in our blood.

We are building AlterBike TM to be an affordable, reliable, enjoyable and stylish leading brand; the product that comes to your mind when you need to choose a bike as a vehicle and to surprise your friends.

The mechanics and electricians of our team are committed to track 100% of the units before leaving the factory.

 After-Sales Service

We also provide After-Sales Service in several European countries.

The guarantee period is 2 and 3 years depending on the component and we have spare parts to respond to the warehouse that gives services to the final customer.



Our Spare Parts are available

AlterBikeTM is committed to offering high quality products with an innovative design, yet practical and comfortable at the same time, in order to provide a pleasant driving experience and boast about good taste.

During the whole production process a team of engineers controls the quality of our products, from the beginning to the end of the assembly, checking and final testing before shipping.

Technical Service ready for Aftersales Support